Multi-Trek Ltd. is a Canadian owned and operated bilingual company that provides specialized safety and rescue training, product knowledge, equipment and on-site services for municipal, wilderness and in a variety of industrials establishments.


Multi-Trek Ltd. began operations in 1980 and was incorporated in 1982. The original purpose was to offer guided recreational activities such as rock climbing, canoeing and trekking as well as to train people in those avocations.

Before long, the majority of Multi-Trek Ltd. clients were people seeking high angle training for rescue purposes. There was an obvious need for training in some specific areas and Multi-Trek Ltd. expanded operations in the early 1990s to include courses for the industrial and commercial areas of High Angle, Low Angle, Confined Space, Safety & Rescue and WHMIS. As a result 95% of our operations are now industrials.


Some examples of previously contracted services include:

  • -  Replacement of the CN Tower Radome fabric.

  • -  Repair of an inflatable hydro electric dam cap.

  • -  Tower access and rescue training for communications technicians in Kabul,    Afghanistan.

  • -  Some major sewer and water space monitoring services.

  • -  Air monitoring & confined space attending services for the pulp and paper    industry.


Multi-Trek Ltd. also provides Occupational Health Services under contract to a variety of industrial concerns.

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